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16 PDZ* grote zaalPDZ* grote zaal| do 6 dec '12 19:30 — 21:30  english  nederlands

Vaporware to Makerware

Everyday people can now easily get their designs produced in a factory setting—from a simple digital file sent from their laptop.What is the Maker Movement, and what does it mean for smart cities in the real world? With special guest William Hurley, Co-founder Chaotic Moon.

We’re in the middle of a revolution in how we make things:

  • We have well-established software and app-development ecosystems.
  • Creative innovators can easily share assets and knowledge through distributed networks, crowd-sourcing/crowd-funding, and open data sources.
  • And now, key manufacturing tools are becoming more affordable, widely available, and easier to use. And the pace of manufacturing innovation is about to accelerate even more as key 3D printer patents expire over the next few years.

Now that we have the access and tools for making things, how do we use them in a meaningful and creative way? What solutions that used to be software-based might be better manifested in a makerware environment? How does this change how we make apps? And what does this mean for the economic and creative ecosystem of our cities?

Our panel of experts will discuss pioneering examples, and the opportunities for businesses and individuals to take advantage of what’s to come.

Keynote speaker William Hurley (Whurley) is a leading authority on open source, open innovation, and augmented reality. He is also co-founder of Chaotic Moon, which incubates and develops internal hardware and software innovations.

Co-panelist Daan Roosegaarde creative director of Studio Roosegarde is an artist and innovator, who is internationally known for developing high-tech social designs that explore the relation between humans,art and space. His mission is to “to create the missing links between bullshit and beauty, between fantasy and budget.”

Co- Panelist Antoinette Hoes is a Strategic planner and manager with a strong background in digital and business development. As Head of planning at Tribal DDB she is responsible for delivering the best thinking to the creative and the business side of the company.

The evening is moderated by Kerrie Finch of FinchFactor.
Presented by Appsterdam and City of Amsterdam Economic Affairs.

Bio William Hurley
Will Hurley (Whurley) is a technologist from Austin, TX, and a leading authority on open source, open innovation, and augmented reality. Whurley is the second recipient of the Appsterdam International Genius Grant. He is also co-founder of Chaotic Moon, which incubates, develops, launches, and monetizes hardware and software innovations. Whurley also has numerous patents to his name. He has worked in Apple R&D, and was named a "Master Inventor" by IBM.

Free admission, for English RSVP click here.