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3 2 PDZ* grote zaalPDZ* grote zaal| di 31 jan '12 14:00 — 22:00 

Creative Industries Update: China

Workshops, group discussion and keynote presentations for and by creative industries professionals with experience with or ambition towards doing business in China.

Tuesday January 31st | beginner's workshop: 1.00 pm | plenary walk-in 1.30 pm
| plenary start 2.00 pm | end 10.00 pm

Language: English
Admission fee: entire day- and evening program, dinner included: €60
(€50 for students and members BNI, BNA, BNO, MODINT, DGA, VEA, FotografenFederatie and PIBN). Only evening program: €10 (€5 for members and students)

Tickets for sale through:

Partners: DutchDFA, Syntens, Kamer van Koophandel, Federatie Dutch Creative Industries, Agentschap NL, Design Cooperation Brainport and Pakhuis de Zwijger.

Subsequent to the successful three-day event in May 2011, we bring you a very first country update with reference to booming China. The event entails inspiring business stories from Dutch magnates, practical tips and useful information spanning the afternoon and evening.

FULL PROGRAM (still subject to slight changes)

1.00 - 2.00 pm - Beginner's workshop

A beginner's crash course about the ins & outs with respect to doing business in China
by Peter Kersten (BNO-ambassador). Please scroll down for more info.

2.00 - 5.30 pm PART 1
Group discussion by and for creative entrepreneurs with experience and/or ambition in China, with updates and exchange of practical experience: things we need to know.

Moderator during the day- and evening program: Jos van der Zwaal


What should we expect during this day? What do we want to know? What does the entrepreneurial climate in China look like nowadays? An introduction.

2.20 - 3.05 pm Opportunities in China
- An overview of several business support platforms with Huub Buise (Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, Shanghai, via Skype), Jasmijn Snippe (EVD/Agentschap NL), Teun Hompe / Vannessa de Groot (GPRD, via Skype) and on the front row Victor Pallemans (Amsterdam China Desk), Richard Hoving (Amsterdam Chamber of Commerce), George Ammerlaan (Hongkong Chamber of Commerce), Marije Hovestad (Syntens) and Jurriën van der Horst (Dutch Ministry of Economics and Innovation).

3.05 - 3.15 pm
- Questions by the audience

3.15 - 3.30 pm
- Intellectual Property Regulations > Naomi Saunders (IPR desk EU - Chamber of Commerce China, via Skype)

3.30 - 4.00 pm
- 'Working in China at several stages', with: Tom Dorresteijn (Studio Dumbar), Peter Slavenburg (NorthernLight) and Roos van der Kamp (ROPAROSA)

4.00 - 4.05 pm
- Yuwei Ni (Qiushi Design Society) introduces the potential of his Chinese network and his experiences in the Netherlands

4.05 - 4.30 pm
- Questions by the audience + break

4.30 - 5.30 pm
- Trade missions Beijing, Guangzhou and Shanghai in retrospect by Wei van der Meulen-Sun (BJDW) and Marije Hovestad / Peter Kersten (Guangzhou Canton Fair) and on the front row Giel Groothuis (DDWS); discussion with several players in the field, with: Studio Mango (Breda / Rotterdam / Guangzhou), A Fish Named Fred (Amsterdam), Ping-pong Design (Rotterdam)

5.30 - 7.30 pm PART 2
Business Circle Dinner at four tables:

- Beijing with Rogier Coopmans
- Guangzhou with Marije Hovestad and Peter Kersten
- Shanghai with Giel Groothuis
- HongKong with George Ammerlaan

7.30 - 10.00 pm PART 3
7.30 - 7.50 pm
- Giel Groothuis (DDWS) introduces the evening with ins & outs about the creative industries-practice in China. He also introduces his Dutch Design Workspace in Shanghai.

7.50 - 8.10 pm
- An interview about facilities, instruments and business support platforms in China.
With Christine de Baan (DutchDFA): Mapping China; Hanneke van den Nieuwenhof / Anneke Moors (Design Cooperation Brainport): Liberation of Light; Jorn Konijn (NAi): matchmaking program; Monique Knapen (SICA)

8.10 - 8.50 pm
- 3 pitches business cases (10 min.):
- product design: GBO Projects (Rob Crins, director), communication design: Studio Dumbar (Tom Dorresteijn, partner), matchmaking: Barnyard (Dirk Jasper, director)
- Followed by group discussion with Christine de Baan (DutchDFA)

8.50 - 9.05 pm
- Dutch Design College, by Michel de Boer

9.05 - 9.45 pm
- 2 pitches business cases (10-15 min.):
- graphic and service design: Mattmo (Monique Mulder, CEO), architecture: MVRDV (Martine Vledder, director)
- Followed by group discussion with Jorn Konijn (NAi)

9.45 - 22.00 pm
Roll-out and questions by the audience

  • FYI: The actual program is preceded by a 40 minute crash course (by BNO-ambassador Peter Kersten) about ins & outs on doing business in China by creative entrepreneurs. It particularly aims at the beginner with respect to China and its business climate. If you wish to attend this workshop, please send an e-mail to Paul van Vliet,

Lineup of keynote speakers and guests (in order of appearance):

- Jos van der Zwaal (Coach/consultant Design Management, former Program Manager at IDIS - moderator)
- Peter Kersten (Senior Ambassador for BNO, the Dutch Designer's Association)
- Huub Buise (Consulate General of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Shanghai)
- Dol Soon Mulder (Agentschap NL, Projectmanager Events and Missions)
- Mathilde Teuben (Agentschap NL, Business Development Advisor Asia/China)
- Jasmijn Snippe (Agentschap NL, Accountmanager Creative Industry)
- Giel Groothuis (Director at Dutch Design Workspace, Shanghai, China)
- Teun Hompe (Business Development Manager at Dutch Design Desk GPRD - Great River Pearl Delta, Shanghai, China)
- Vanessa de Groot (Business Development Manager Creative Industries GPRD, Shanghai, China)
- Yuwei Ni (Founder/Director at Qiushi Design Society, Rotterdam Area, Netherlands)
- Tom Dorresteijn (Partner at Studio Dumbar, Rotterdam, Netherlands)
- Peter Slavenburg (Director at NorthernLight, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
- Robert Schalker (Owner and Founder at A Fish Named Fred, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
- Barry de Bruin (Partner at Ping-Pong Design, Rotterdam, Netherlands)
- Roos van der Kamp (Owner and Founder of ROPAROSA, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
- Jeroen den Hengst (China-expert, musician)
- Naomi Saunders (Visibility Manager EU Chamber of Commerce in China, Beijing, China)
- Dirk Jasper (Founder/Director of Barnyard, Bilthoven, Netherlands)
- Wei van der Meulen-Sun (Project Coordinator BJDW Trade Mission)
- Marije Hovestad (Innovation Consultant at Syntens, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
- Rogier Coopmans (Project Coordinator BJDW Trade Mission)
- George Ammerlaan (Director of Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
- Christine de Baan (Programme Director at Dutch Design Fashion Architecture, Rotterdam, Netherlands)
- Hanneke van den Nieuwenhof (Project Leader International at Design Cooperation Brainport, Eindhoven, Netherlands)
- Anneke Moors (Liberation of Light, Design Cooperation Brainport)
- Ole Bouman (Director at NAI, Rotterdam, Netherlands)
- Monique Knapen (Program Director China at SICA, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
- Rob Crins (Director at GBO Projects, Helmond, Netherlands)
- Michel de Boer (Initiator/Co-Founder at Studio Dumbar China; Founder at Dutch Design College)
- Monique Mulder (CEO at Mattmo Design, Amsterdam, Netherlands)
- Martine Vledder (Director MVRDV Asia - Architect, Urban Planner)

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Geachte heer, mevrouw,

Graag zou ik ticket voor deze veent willen kopen en graag verneem ik van u hoe ik dat kan doen?

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Lejla Ramovic

17 nov 2011,16:40

Re: tickets

Geachte heer, mevrouw,
Graag zou ik ticket voor deze veent willen kopen en graag verneem ik van u hoe ik dat kan doen?
met vriendelijke greot<
Lejla Ramovic

Beste Lejla,

Tickets zijn nu te koop via

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