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Jeroen laven

  • Jeroen Retro - 

    Jeroen Laven (1990) is a student slash boy aka want to be an art director. He really digs new media, photography, advertising and, well, everything in between basically.

Born in Germany, went to a Dutch school in Germany and lived there until his 18th. Went to high school in Roermond, and moved to Rotterdam in 2009. There he had to catch up with high school. Both Math and Chemistry are subjects he didn’t finish in Roermond. Now he works as a Marketing Assistant at RuToo Electronic Cigarettes and goes to the University Utrecht to study Art History.

After finishing his first year on the University he is going ’slash’ wants to Willem de Kooning Academy (WdKa). Study Advertising and start his own Advertising Agency. Mostly specialized in analog ads. He started to enjoy this side of jobs when he made photographs with his dad. They had a DOKA in Germany where they made hundreds of pictures of still lives.

Collages, insects and landscapes where among them. But also a lot of portraits. Here he learned how to handle a camera and how to use Photoshop, Illustartor and Dreamweaver. He started to try out some things himself and enjoyed creating things out of nowhere in Photoshop. So he started to search for University’s in the Netherlands where he could make his dream come true.